Stream Data Center

Stream Data Center

American Roofing & Metal worked with the general contractor and architect from the design phase all the way through construction on the Stream Data Center. The design called for a single ply TPO roof system on the administrative portion of the building. On the data center portion of the building the roof system is a waterproofing system with several layers of single ply PVC finished off with a concrete slab poured over the completed roof.

The roof system was completed in layers with stringent testing performed upon the completion of each layer. A wire water testing system was even installed to test the roof for leaks before the concrete slab was poured. The entire roof system was even designed to drop several inches due to the weight of the concrete slab. The installed roof has performed perfectly and is an example of how American Roofing & Metal can help during the design and construction phases to meet a customer’s roofing needs.

Project Details

Roof Types: Single Ply

Categories: New Construction