Houston Postal Distribution Center

Houston Postal Distribution Center

Reroofing a postal facility requires careful coordination to ensure that the mail system is not disturbed in the construction process. Because American Roofing & Metal has the know-how and expertise to do just that, we have reroofed numerous postal facilities throughout the region. Our competitive pricing and history of completing projects while businesses continue to operate awarded us the contract for the reroofing project at the Houston postal distribution center.

The Houston postal distribution center roof measures 655,000 square feet (or a little more than 15 acres). We removed the entire existing roof system down to the roof deck and installed a new insulated, modified bitumen roof system in its place. Every day that a roof area was removed, we installed the new roof in a watertight condition before the end of the day. Additional work items during the project included skylight removal and repairs, wall coatings and lightning protection work.

During the re-roofing project American Roofing & Metal held daily coordination meetings with the building manager to ensure construction did not impede the mail delivery system. American Roofing & Metal continues to work closely with the United States Postal Service. While each postal facility is unique and poses new challenges, American Roofing & Metal’s experience and proven techniques qualify us to handle any obstacle

Project Details

Roof Types: Built-Up, Modified Bitumen

Categories: Lightning Protection, Re-Roofing