Goliad County Courthouse

Goliad County Courthouse

American Roofing & Metal has reroofed and restored many historic county courthouses throughout Texas including the impressive Goliad County Courthouse. After a devastating hurricane in 1942, the courthouse’s original design changed significantly over the years. In 2005, the courthouse received state funding for its much-needed restoration. We were a vital part of the restoration team assembled by a local general contractor and architecture firm in Goliad.

In the restoration process we removed the existing roof systems completely, replaced the rotten deck lumber and installed several new roof systems. We installed new terne-coated stainless steel standing seam roofs, terne-coated stainless steel flatlock metal roofs and for the more steeply sloped roof areas—slate roof systems. We also installed a PVC single-ply roof and elastomeric coating roof systems on several small roof areas.

American Roofing & Metal also repaired the existing metal cornice and exterior façade. The team rebuilt, reinstalled, and roofed five historic rooftop towers – including a clock tower – that dramatically changed the building’s appearance.

American Roofing & Metal continues to restore historic courthouses all over the state of Texas.

“American Roofing & Metal's expertise and resources helped the construction and design team solve details that became evident once construction was underway. American Roofing & Metal's always provided quality and on-time performance.” - General Contractor

Project Details

Roof Types: Slate

Categories: Lightning Protection, Re-Roofing